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The Evil Has Landed

Setembro 14, 2011
Minha homenagem, um pouco atrasada, às vítimas e heróis do 11/9. Para nunca esquecer.
Testament – The Evil Has Landed
The sky began to fall
Ripping open a path up to heaven
Time slowed to a crawl
Early morning September eleven
Steel crumbling frames
The scales of justice are decimated
Hate ignites the flames
New York City incinerated
See the flames on the river
Is this our judgment day?
Praying hands of a killer
When evil flies our wayOur way…The towers got hit
A steel bird with wings of destruction
As the buildings split
The skyline has been deconstructed

So many people killed
Two thousand nine hundred seventy four
Innocent blood spilled
Extremists plotting a holy war

Will you please reconsider
Is this our judgment day?
Time to stand and deliver
When evil flies our wayFlies our way…We will pick up the pieces
We never cast the first stone
Through all of the bereavement
We will rebuild our home


From → EUA, islam, terrorismo

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