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Hamas launches rockets from heart of a civilian area in Gaza

Abril 13, 2011

[originalmente publicado no site das IDF]

Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip cynically use the civilian population as a human shield when carrying out rocket attacks on Israel. A video recently released the Hamas’ military wing proves this.

Jonatan Urich

The Hamas terrorist organization cynically uses the civilian population of the Gaza Strip as a human shield, launching rockets at Israel from the heart of residential neighborhoods in Gaza. Video footage recently released by the Hamas military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam brigade, proves this.

The use of civilians as a human shield is intended to reduce the vulnerability of Hamas and other terrorist organizations and give them a kind of immunity from IDF counterterrorist operations. Hamas and other terrorist groups know that IDF policy is to avoid harming civilians as much as possible. Thus, these terrorist groups take advantage of the morality of the IDF.

Hamas launches rockets in close proximity to residential homes and sometimes even educational institutions and mosques. Rocket launching cells deliberately station themselves near homes in order to protect themselves against IDF efforts to thwart rocket fire. The rocket launchings disrupt daily life and endanger the civilian population.


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